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E-mails and updates

We also run a specific E-mail system that is unique to your website that is used solely between you and us. If you want to update your website for example with price changes and a few new images of products, then this is done in one of our databases designed specifically for your use. You change what you want and E-mail it to us. At our end, our software, every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, checks all new incoming E-mails from our clients and if it does not need any human intervention at our end, will update your site straight away.

Sometimes human intervention is need our side only if our software doesn’t understand what you want doing such as if you need extra things adding or if images need to be resized or manipulated in some way but as a general rule if it is already there on your site and you only need to change a price, word etc. it will do it for you. This helps you to keep in control, quick and fast and us to be able to keep your site manageable from and free from bugs and lost links.

Content Management Systems

Some of our clients use our Content Management System,  enabling them to be able to make changes to the site from their own desk. We can of course accommodate you with this system if you prefer, but please bear in mind a lot of website design companies offer this service and in some cases really push you to have it, after all if you do the changes your end then the less they have to do their end. But no matter how easy it may seem and how quick it might happen, it is only as good as the person at you end making the changes (maybe with limited amount of knowledge of code and HTML) and things can go drastically wrong.

When we have designed your website and it is ready to go live, it’s time to think about how your customers are going to be able to contact you. Landline, Fax and mobile numbers are the common ways and most used ways for your customers to contact you, but in this ever changing world with technology changing at a very fast pace, customers sometimes want to send/receive data and information even quicker.

E-mail has been around for some few years now and seems to be taking over at the forefront of communication, it’s fast, you can add images to it and it can be there when you are not, ready and waiting for you.

Within your website you can have UNLIMITED E-mails. These can be just solely with your domain name extension, or you can have them redirected or duplicated to your own personal E-mail without your customer knowing.

You can have departmental E-mails that can be forwarded to particular people or even named E-mails specific to your personnel working within your company.

If you have any forms on your website gathering information or forms for enquiries, these again can be directed to anyone within the company or a number of personnel at the same time. The forms can even have separate information gathered from them and the data forwarded to different people. It’s quick and a very simple way to get the correct information to the right people.