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We understand that that your business will change throughout the life of your contract with us and the website. You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t change your prices and update your products.

Case in Question:- A scenario from one of our customers

A potential customer of ours wanting to cut the heavy and large advertising bill they were incurring every year with large adverts in local, national newspapers and magazines and also realising that their products, stock amounts, but more importantly their pricing was anywhere up to three weeks behind with the paper/magazine lead time from order to print. It was time to have a website.

They got a few quotes and ideas about how they wanted it to look and sat down in the boardroom to work out a budget. But it was impossible to get an exact amount from their quotes, over the life period of their domain ( domains are registered for two years, .com domains are registered for one year) because all the quotes they had from other web companies charged different amounts for changes to their site. One price for a page change, another for adding a new picture, adding pages they might want in the future and the biggest hidden cost, every time they wanted to update their own product prices with special offers etc. How could they budget for something they didn’t know they wanted to change in the future.

They found that it was no good having a dynamic website that gave their customers all the information they needed but also having the constant worry of not being able to afford the added costs of up dating it. So it could become stale and out of date, potentially costing them a lot of money.

So they came to us and found that everything was ALL IN, one charge at the beginning, for the life of the domain registration, and no more to pay until re-registration, in this case a domain, two years later.

So what do they get from Impact Web Masters?

So what can you have?

In a simple but direct answer, the same. ALL of our clients, no mater how big or small benefit from the same as each other. They can change their site as many times as they want whether it be just as simple as a price change or as big as a total revamp, within the period of the registration and contract. This means everything:-

We will quote for your site for the duration of registration* you pay for it at the beginning and leave the rest to us, your advertising budget just became simple with no future headaches.......

*As a guide domains are registered for a period of two years .com and .net domains are registered for a period of one year. This is set by the domain registration companies throughout the world and is standard to every domain name registered.

Please note if you have any other types of domains in mind e.g.  .org, .info etc. then give us a call and we can advise you on the set length the are registered for. Also if you have already registered a name yourself or through a registration company we will be happy to quote and advise for the length of time left before re-registration and price accordingly.

ALL our clients also have the benefit and peace of mind that when the domain name needs re-registering at the end of its term, Impact Web Masters, unless you advise us otherwise, will do this automatically for you, ensuring you keep your name and never loose it.